Cheapest ES9018 for Taobao shoppers ?

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Google translation:
L9018DAC fever decoder features:

Core using the highest quality parameters ES9018 decoder chip, this chip parameter amazing, another advantage is no MCU soft control case can also play the quality of the premise of no MCU control, far better than WM8741 AD1955 equivalent grade chips.
I / V conversion fever dual op amp AD828 responsible for LPF low-pass filter served by fever op amp LME49710 designers multiple comparison using the program, of course, the op amp is equipped with a socket, users can also according to their own with their own preferences.
Main decoder chip I / V converter op amp RC low-pass network, which is a lot of decoding ignored.
Power supply is a top priority, the digital part of the machine and the power supply of the analog portion of the two Green Cube fever seal ring cattle were powered 9018 chip digital power supply using two regulator system, the analog interface powered using parallel steady pressure; I / V and LPF op amp is still using the shunt regulator power supply solutions. A good decoding good sound, the power supply system is very critical, like a car engine, is not good, the other aspects of the question. Thanks to the shunt regulator ultra-fast transient response and ultra-low internal resistance, this design to enhance the sound quality is very clear.
This unit supports the following input: Coaxial: 32bit/192K Fibre: 32bit/192K. Note: The USB port is reserved not support USB input!
This unit supports the following output: RCA analog output.
At the cost of the materials used, embodies the high-end design positioning of L9018DAC the best sealing ring cattle, top fever op amp, Philips BC, Chemical, Panasonic FM, FC top capacitor Siemens EPCOS films, even a operational amplifier adapter plate, and is also well-designed, and embodies a strict HIFI spirit.
External Dimensions: 155x60x241mm
HIFI system, boastful description sound quality does not make sense, therefore, the machine provides one week trial, unconditional return within a week of non-quality problems, the buyer is liable only to the extent of two-way shipping can be.
This site is in Chinese after the translation, how easy it is to place an order? Can foreigner place an order there?
My brother who can read Chinese says that you need a China Mainland address to place an order. Is this correct?
You can't place your order direcltly at this site. You have a choice to find the same item on, or another shop (link above) or to use services like or similar ones.
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