cheaper 550mm fresnel lens from China

Just picked up a friend from airport today. He brought me 2 fresnel lenses from You-Know-Who in Guangzhou :D.

one is 395mmx395mm f330mm lens. and another is a 400mm x 320mm f550mm lens. Are you thinking 3Dlens? They were made in northern China, where is far away from 3Dlens.

Both lenses were cracked during transportation :bawling: But they are still good enough to experiment with ( will do after I finish my diseartation ). I don't know how much they cost because they were aquired as 'samples' for a flat fee. but as far as I know the most expensive model in this manufacturers production line is under $20 a piece (550mm wasn't in the list though).


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the problem is you never know when and what is in stock. I wanted a 450mm and a 505mm fresnel lens at the beginning, but I had to change twice because they were not in stock and the replacement they confirmed in stock were not in stock either. I think I already forgot what I requested at the end now. but getting a 550mm is a nice surprise.

why do you need a 550mm wide lens? I thought 400mm wide is large enough for most LCDs?


2004-12-06 2:32 am
makey2 said:
Yeah, thought that ;)

Have just purchased the 220 mm and 630 mm fl lenses ($9.50 ea) as I've managed to pick up a cooke process triplet lens (f/10, 25 inch for 16x20 format) on ebay which has a 25" fl (635 mm) and which should cover up to at least a 22" LCD.

Hopefully, these should match quite nicely, We'll see...

Sounds like a good deal. Where did you buy the fresnels? What size and groove pitch are they?