Cheap parts for Acoustat interface mods

Available and in stock at

Wima Polypropylene Snubber Capacitors
WIMA 6000V .022uF 5% - RoHS COMPLIANT
Mouser part # 505-FKP10.022/6000/5
$ 5.32 each

Slim-Mox Precision Thick Film Planar Resistors
Ohmite 2.5WATTS 20MOHMS 1%
Mouser part # 588-SM108032005F
$ 4.84 each

I decided to get new bias resistors and 6000 volt capacitors since the components I had on hand are at least 20 years old. I thought others might be interested in inexpensive parts for the mods. Thanks for the idea about using 20 mega ohm resistors.


moray james wrote:
"Clairification please
Noel: am I correct that you paralleled two 5oo meg ohm resistors to lower the load resistor value down to 250 meg ohms? If so you should try dropping the load resistor value down to 20-30 meg ohms. You should be able to do this with a series of carbon resistors and the resulting resistor will be non inductive as well as haveing no capacitive component. Have fun best regards Moray James."

moray james