cheap home theater speaker

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Hi everybody
sorry If I'm submitting this in wrong section. please correct it is needed

actually I'm looking for a cheap solution for home theater speakers. I have easy access to Faital Pro driver so I though maybe someone has any experience using them in a home theater speaker project. Faital has some interesting fullrange like 4FE32 and also some cheap woofers like 8FE200. could these two drivers be a good choice for a two way speaker?






any idea is much appreciated
I wouldn't use a 4" full range in a HT speaker unless you want it to be a 'one listener' HT setup. That 10dB+ droop towards the top end will be annoying for anyone sitting off axis. Imo at least cross to a 1" tweeter by 4kHz or so.

Yes, I would have to agree. For a surround speaker or ATMOS module it would be fine, but I wouldn't recommend for your mains and center, unless it is a 2-Way or 3-Way design using a tweeter. How big is your room? I like FaitalPro, they have good pricing and sound very good.

Personally, for the front, I would go for a sealed 3-Way main using the 8" woofer, 4" Full Range, and a tweeter, and a 2-Way Center using a horizontal MTM arrangement with the 4" Full Range and a tweeter. With 95dB for the woofer and 91dB for the full range, they should be easy to match with most tweeters.
Hey Dave,

Did you find what you were looking for?
We've been using 3 of these for our HT for the last few years and amazed every time we listen to them.
I'm sure three could be build for less than $500 (including xo's, wood, etc.).

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You could use one of them, but your -3dB point may be a little high. If you could do 5 1/4" there are a number of good mid-woofers that would do 60-70 Hz in a ported enclosure. Dayton ($20), Peerless ($35-$45) and of course ScanSpeak (too expensive) has drivers in that size range.

Of course, my own LM-1C uses the Peerless and has pretty good low end, allowing a lower crossover frequency. Those woofers are $33 at Madisound right now.


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