Cheap Fullrange array vs AKAI SW-130 - Which one to get?

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I need help choosing between these two speakers:

1. Akai SW-130
Spec shown on below link
Notice it's quite sensitive at 100dB/W

2. Cheap Fullrange array (don't laugh :))
It's the one showed here. It's in Bahasa Indonesia but i think the specs should be easy to understand.. although i would take it with a grain of salt.
CST 01 -Simbadda
It has built in amplifier but that is irrelevant for my situation
What i like is that there are 4 fullrange drivers per channel. Why i like it, will be explained below.

My situation:
1. I will be modding the fullrange array so that i can drive it using my own DIY tube amplifier. Hence, the internal built in amplifier is not important.
2. I need something sensitive for low powered SE tube amp, maybe 2-3 Watt per channel in medium sized room.. this is why i like the Akai SW-130
3. I might one day experiment with OTL tube amplifier.. this is why i like the fullrange array. I can wire them in series to make 32 ohm speaker.. a much easier load to drive for OTL tube amp.. but with the sensitive Akai SW-130, maybe i don't need much power from the OTL?
4. There will be a subwoofer so low-end response is not too important.. but i would like a suggestion on where to set the cutoff frequency? On the Akai SW-130 i think the "THX standard" 80Hz is good? I will be making a tube-crossover for the subwoofer so a reference on target cutoff frequency would be nice.
I have to point out that i know very little about loudspeaker design so i don't know if 'comb filtering' will occur. As mentioned, the plan for the line array is to wire them is series so i get 32 ohm. I think there should be no problem since they're identical and in one single enclosure?

Giving it a thought last night, that 100dB/W sensitivity of SW-130 from the link above is the only one i can find on the internet and i am starting to doubt it. The woofer is 12 inch and from my novice perspective i am not sure if it's possible to achieve that sensitivity from such diameter.
Line arrays generally rely on the drivers being placed as closely together as possible to help avoid them interfering with each other too much higher up the frequency range. You'll have to do some research to get our head around that. Line array, comb filtering, lobing etc.

Line array basics. Keep the drivers small, tightly packed and preferably floor to ceiling tall.

The small array you've linked doesn't fill me with confidence :/ at all :( For all we know there's more than one amp in there or some serious equalization going on.

Re: The diameter of the Akai woofer? Bigger woofers tend to be more efficient than smaller ones.

I mean no offence ballpencil but your priorities seem a bit odd? :) I'd worry way less about tube sub crossovers and more about the quality of my speakers.
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On that line array, if they are all playing full range, it will sound horrible. The drivers' spacing is horrible.

If they have crossovers in there and each driver is assigned a different frequency range, that's another story... but if it is , as you mentioned, very cheap, I doubt they invested time and money on good crossovers and power tapering.

Do you have the space to build something? If so, the Karlsonator thread should give you a nice speaker.
Ok.. thank you all! SW-130 it is.
I guess the SW-130 sensitivity will help a lot with low powered SE amp.

I have the space to build but i don't have the tools nor the woodworking skill.. and doing something one-off isn't something i want to invest time and expensive tools in.

I do have an offering for used pair of Fountek FR88EX.. but i need to build an enclosure for it.
I believe the fountek is a good unit but it is only 84.3db/w so you'd need a bit of power for that.
You could make a very minimal open baffle with it running full range and then maybe use the akai to fill in the bottom. Have a look at some of the "FAST" builds on this site.
The Fountek is right in the range of the TABAQ. One of the easiest build, and it sounds great, with a nice solid bass.
Add a sub for a FAST and it would be very nice!

I even found a local hardware store that had the perfect size of wood panels... didn't even need to cut anything besides the vent, the top and bottom boards. Made the pair in a single day.


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