Cheap CD / DVD player that Sounds Good...

I was given a very cheap CyberHome CH DVD-500 player a few years back. Since it played audio CDs, I kept it for that purpose. I used it for quite some time and eventually took it to the office when I got "better" CD players at home.

The other day, I cleaned up my office and brought it home to part out and recycle. My coworker said, why don't you clean it up and use it? So I did. For kicks, I put it up against my "better" players and found it to be clearly better sounding in all respects in an A/B comparison. It has a nice Cirrus Logic 98100 video processor.

Given that these hardly fetch $20 on eBay:

1. Can somebody try one and tell me if I am crazy or not
2. List your cheap DVD / CD player that sounds surprisingly good discovery

Your picture/s welcomed too.


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