Cheap capacitors?

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WES Components are about the cheapest that I know of.
They sell Jamicon caps at good prices. I have tested many brands of capacitor for ESR, noise, capacity, dielectric strength and listened to them in circuit and have found the Jamicon products to perform well.
I know that others prefer to pay more for their electros:), I suggest you give them a try for your self.
Regards WALKER
<a href=""></a>
Factory 26/41-49 Norcal Road,
Nunawading, Victoria 3131,
<hr width="95%" align=center>5000 MF, 55V, +105Deg
A$25 +GST
<hr width="95%" align=center>6800 MF, 63V, +105Deg
100Hz, 12.2A at 105degC :)
A$ 45 +GST
<hr width="95%" align=center>

<a href="">Rockby Electronics</a> monthly specials can be very good, but you have to get in early
I found some approx 300VA C-core transformers with interwinding screen for A$25 ea, (none left now) the manufacturer quoted A$120-150ea.
And they do alot of mail order.

Whilst putting together a low budget Rod Elliott DoZ prototype I found a great surplus store locally here in North Atlanta that has all kinds of goodies. Austin Electronics currently has Mallory 5000uF 50V caps for $1 each. Lloyd Carver is the owner at (770) 449-8697.
Jamicon & Hitano caps

Hi Walker

Thanks for the speedy reply - makes a change from waiting for nearly 24hrs for those on the other side of the world to respond.

I'm looking at the WES components catalogue right now. The Hitano ELR also look interesting.


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hitano are awesome...japanese brand i believe...i know for a fact that the Nichikon LXZ and LXY series are for the big sized caps...i would try aerovox, cornell...even panasonic have some nice ones...WES are great...but arrow electronics are much better...if anyone is in Switchmode Power Supplies in Hornsby and ask them, im sure they can source some parts for you...
Thanks for these comments and those in the similar thread:

Jamicon Capacitors - Solid Stae Forum

Wes Components stock Jamicon TK and WL series and Hitano ELR and EXR series. The Jamicon WL series seems to have lower ESR and higher ripple current figures than the others - not to sure if that is an indicator for anything sonically??


Hitano ELR
Hitano EXR
Jamicon TKr
Jamicon WLr

I will call Arrow electronics and Switchmode Power Supplies, then post info on what they have.

Bought a bunch of Siemens 20,000uF 75V and Elko 5,000 uF 60V for around 3$ each.

The thing is they might be a little old, so Ill probably have to recondition them..

Anyone know what the quality of these are? He told me Elko is good.

Mallory is found a lot on ebay as well, and they are good quality.

Rather than start a new thread I'll post in here :) . I'm going to need some capacitors for severall amplifiers soon. Obviously they can be an expensive part to buy but I came accross these (part 11-2993):

Which seem like great value. Seem to be made by Suntan, whom I've used before but don't have any great experience with when it comes to amplifiers. Are these likely to be false economy? I mean I can buy lots of these for less than a few by most brands, surely that will be the best solution, lowering ESR, increasing capacitance etc?
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