Cheap, balanced XLR passive pre?

I am looking for pointers for an inexpensive ready made* balanced (XLR in/out) passive (or very low noise active) pre. "Audiophile quality" is not important because... I currently listen to ancient Bose 901 (II) powered by a Behringer NU6000 and my proposed DAC is a DEQ2496. I use the DEQ for the Bose and room EQ. As you might guess, I have a love of things cheap and old. I was using a Xiang-Sheng DAC-01A as DAC and/or preamp. For $200 or less, it is a good pre, but puts too much hum into the amp. Because of the huge boosts the 901 EQ needs (I use up to 30 dB at low end), I need a very low noise solution. Balanced is not 100% required but low (or no) noise is. Also cheap, did I mention cheap? Extra credit if it is sold from a ware house in Hong Kong, via Ebay.

* I know this is DIY land but I am not to be trusted to assemble most things. Besides, I usually find I could have bought a better one ready-made.
Yes volume control. Right now I can use the two knobs on the NU6000 but I would like finer control. unbalanced is not impossible (duh! I can test for the noise issue just by using a RCA connector...think I could try that first.) Just that, for a clean signal, a passive XLR attenuator would be cool. I have not heard of such a thing, but why not?