Cheap and capable chineese amp board?

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My brother-in-law needs a new amp for his vineyard-house. The thing is, it will never be used for hifi. He needs it for driving some old and pretty big speakers, sometimes playing out the window for vineyard workers or as we call them here in Slovenia, party animals. Onboard potentiometer is a must, onboard RCA is nice, loudness is mandatory.

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How do you find these two? Or should I look somewhere else?
I went with the second one. Soldered like drunks were making it, but sounds great, actually. Loud as something, and much better than people expected. :)

That's exactly my experience.
While sanwu does an almost flawless job in soldering smd they somehow managed to f**k up that through hole stuff.
My six year old son might do it better.

What i absolutely do not like about that module are the positions of the connectors and the pot.
Who wants a volume pot that close to the rca inputs?
Why are they even on the same side?
Why is a dc-jack next to screw terminals?

There is no chance to make a good enclosure around that amp using the onboard connectors.
I'm going to bridge the volume pot and place it inside a boombox where one channel feeds a 10inch woofer and the other a tweeter.
Alternatively i could unmount the rca-jack and still use the pot...

BUT the amp sound great!!!
And adjusting the gain via a dip switch is a nice feature.
I have not tried the second one (colorful one with lots of little caps) but the first one for $11 is an excellent performer. No mods needed - sounds great stock. One of my best sounding higher power amps and just as good of sound quality as a 3116 but with more power. Highly recommended.

I called the second one 'blue sanwu 7498' in another thread.
'Colorful sanwu' is a much better name!:D
Yeah that's a strong contender. If I go for mono board, I'd put two of those running from the same 24v 5A PSU, plusses separated by diodes with an extra cap or two between the inputs to ensure linear operation. This would be one channel, other channel would have it's own PSU and two mono boards.

The other options I have currently are TA2020, TPA3110, TPA3116 and TDA7498. One channel will drive a 12" woofer, so it needs to have some oomph :)
Although it says 100 Watts. What are we really getting 50 watts?:confused:

The boards are just generally using the specs of the class D chips. Vendors of Class D chips generally quote top-line power specs under conditions which may or may not resemble your use case. The conductions almost certainly don't resemble what most of us would consider acceptable, since they are pretty much always quoting peak power at or below 10% THD. The <=1% THD figures, which is more likely to be acceptable, are generally ~50-60% of the <=10% THD power figures.

In the case of the TDA7498, you can see that the test conditions are into a 6Ohm load, with a 36V input (near the 39V max operating input voltage).

There are other practical considerations too, like the gain setting, and the peak amplitude of your input, and how your speakers behave at peak power.
I recently bought a subwoofer amp and wanted to know what I need to hook up to AC? It's came with a clip with wire I assume that for AC wiring. I using it for bass shakers on a recliner chair. Voltage is 24. Attached a pic and link. Thanks.

AOSHIKE TPA3116 DC 12-24v 100W Subwoofer Amplifier Board Support Bass Output Digital Small Power Amplifier Board Video Audio Accessories


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