Cheap 2 way speaker for Xmas?

Im away from home at college and i cant figure out what to get my dad. He put on his list a Speaker "kit". Now i am very familiar with speakers and what not as this is my new passion, he on the other hand really just needs something that will play and be usable, unlike the logitech computer speakers i have hooked up to it right now. Currently he is using a really crappy all in one receiver. Eventually ill get him a new one but thats a ways off, maybe once i have some cash.

So i was wondering if theres a cheap DIY bookshelf setup you could suggest. I am confident in wiring up the crossover and what not as long as i am told what i need to use.

To tell ya the truth i just dont have the time right now with finals and what not to spend the time figuring out the crossover and driver selection. I looked around and searched for cheap DIY setups but came up short. Im lookin at say $75-$100 tops for the drivers and a bit for the crossover parts, less $ would be better. We would build the box together as a "bonding" project. Also no complicated enclosures, we just done have the woodworking experience or tools to construct them.

Thanks allot for you're help i really appreciate it.