Chassis grounding a Accuphase e-202


2006-08-31 9:57 am
Hi, just about finished restoring an Accuphase e-202 amplifier and have turned my attention to chassis grounding it, easy enough i hear some people say, well no, not really.

If its switched to intergrated everything is fine and ok, seperate it and put an input to the poweramp in and ground hum damn!

I know that accuphase used to offer chassis ground as part of their upgrades for this amplifier do'es anyone know how to accomplish this without the hum?


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2006-08-31 9:57 am


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There must be one connection from Main Audio Ground (MAG) to Chassis.
If you have ONLY one connection you cannot have a ground loop.

Disconnect from the mains.
Disconnect the MAG to Chassis connection.
Measure the resistance from MAG to Chassis.
If this reads more than 2r2 then your loop problem is somewhere else and nothing to do with the MAG to Chassis connection.

Reconnect the MAG to Chassis.
Power up the equipment and search elsewhere.