Chassis Customization Information

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Looking through the store, I'm having some issues with figuring out what to order as an accessory chassis customization and what to upload to produce the correct result. I'm sure others probably are/will be in the same boat, and might need a bit of assistance to get started. There's a free Designer software program attached to a company that does Front Panel services that's very easy to use and exports DXF, but I can use Autodesk Fusion if absolutely necessary. What is the requirement for DXF files to ensure proper manufacturability? Reference points, separate explanation of tool choices, etc?

Additionally, if I were looking to make a rear panel (4mm) with engraving and holes, does that require two separate orders for engraving and holes? There's a "fully customized" option for the 10mm panels, but no such option for the rear panels.

The chassis I'm looking at, the Mini Dissipante 2U 330x300 doesn't have any available CAD files. However, if I use the panel dimensions from the product page for my design software, would the resultant DXF be usable?

The prices offered here are exceptionally good compared to having companies manufacture panels, so I'd like to be able to take advantage of this. I'd also like to help others that have basic CAD experience to be able to make use of the service.
Hello there,

FPD files are ok too since they can be exported in DXF as you have said in your post.

The aluminium rear panel of the Mini Dissipante chassis comes with a 3mm rear panel, if you just insert its dimensions in the program (255x120) you can start customizing it the way you want.

Once you are done designing your panel feel free to PM ne and I'll show you how to place your order through the store :)

If you have any other question feel free to ask here so other people can benefit too
Thank you so much for your response and offer to help. I'm still finalizing the design but I will be sure to drop you a PM when I'm done with it.

I guess one follow-up question I have is: compared to the available options and tools when generating a FPD file, what are your capabilities? I know I'll have to do my own color resin fill for engraving, but what tools and capabilities are restricted from use when creating the panel?
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.