Chasing my tail again.

I make and sometimes sell USB scopes.
Just to make my life difficult the faster processors and A2D's only come in SMD.
So I solder them by hand. Tack down one corner, check its still straight, tack down other corner, check again. Then slide soldering along the sides until all pins are soldered. Of course some pins short so I have to use braid to unshort them. I always have a row of via's down each side of the SMD's so I can check for shorts between adjacent pins.
This technique generally works after a couple of shorts need fixing.

Built one up today and on screen the output of the scope was only showing half the sine wave on the bottom of the screen. So obviously a problem somewhere. It usually a pin not quite soldered. So I re-soldered both processor and A2D.
Still not fixed. FFS !
Re-soldered both a couple of times more before thinking there might another problem. The A2D sits on a daughter board with two molex connectors from daughter board to the pcb. I then noticed a pin had been missed soldering.
So soldered it and everything burst into life.
An electronic engineers job is rarely simple and these things are sent to try us despite sometimes chasing out tail for a while.

Then got back into my website design. Its a MVC C# javascript, razor etc etc website. MVC while a very tidy way of programming has some oddities.
I tried to have a drop down list but it needed to remember its state between screen redraws. It seems from comments online about trying to do it is impossible. I tried saving state in a cookie but cookies aren't saved straight away but asynchronously so the state was always one out !
I found in the end the answer was to save it in the database.
My old version of the website was not MVC and was quite happy remembering states between screens, you just did a "post back" of the screen and it worked great.

So been very busy, but must find a real job that pays.....
How come we always are looking for errors in the worst possible or complicated place?
When a lamp is out, we check the switch, the lampholder and finally when all the small details are checked we confirm that the plug sits in the wall outlet.
I undertook fitting a new Intel I-8700K motherboard, processor and RAM to my PC. The cooler was very big and took some sorting until I realised it was a kit for two fans. Each version had either AMD or Intel written on it. I eventually cracked that. I got the motherboard into the casing and wired it up. Connected all hard drives. Pressed reset button and completely dead.
I thought I had miss wired the reset button so checked in the manual and it was correct. Then I noticed out of the corner of my eye the mains lead was on the floor, I had forgot to connect it before pressing reset button.
What a plonker.....
Spent a couple of days trying to get JQWidgets to work with a website.
Its a pretty steep learning curve.
I also had to get to grips with sql server, entity framework, C#, .net, Javascript, jQuery, CSHTML and Ajax etc Trying to get data structures from one to talk to another is great fun.
Messed around trying to get a ComboBox to work. I managed to get input fields to work fine but the combobox wouldn't play ball.
In the end I had used an html input field instead of div field for the combobox. Serves me right for not reading the examples close enough.
Spent a day trying to convert a database table from sql server through C# .net to JSON !

Got there in the end. I can see now why websites that let you knock up ecommerce sites from templates are popular. The coding side is so complex and I have been writing software for 40 years.

I have something working now so if I decide to make the jump to ecommerce sites then I am well on my way.