charlize t2020 mod-topic

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hello everybody,

i have a monica2 and a charlize.

i would to set up this tread to all the mods made by us, diy people. there is a lot about monica (the dac) but less about the charlize).

so here we go for t2020 amp

1)you can leave the input cap out of it, if you are shure that there is no dc on the signal (but that's not just as easy as that, i'm looking for a good info on it, there are some things to do: could anyone confirm or give an url ?)
2)you can raise the voltage to 13,2V to boost up the sound quality.
2a) shield caps and chip ( t=)
2b)you can solder the smd straight to the legs of the chip, not the easiest task while having not that much space to work

and here are the questions

3)did anyone replaced the "red drops" for better ones ? i mean the 4 caps sitting on charlize, they are all the same value (i think 474)
4)did anyone replaced the panasonics 1000uf by other like black gates or bypassed them?
5)did anyone replaced the resistors on the board by more audiophile ones ?
6)i use an smps as psu, if you use it to, did you benefit from a cap between the smps and charlize ?
or did you use another psu ?

are there any mods that i have forgotten ?

thank you so much
greetings then_dude
Hi, if you check the Trends modding thread in this forum, you will see a lot of answers and more to your questions. You will definitely need that input cap since it keeps DC from going out as well. Check the Tripath input cap thread for some ideas on caps. I've done most of what you asked and, for the most part, I believe improvements can be found in your ideas. I'm not sure why you would try to solder smd resistors to the legs of the chip directly though.
i have found the site with all the mods of the trends.

i have also found that charlize is better then trends (well that's good, oterwise i was in for a new buy);

the upgrades have to do with parts not with the shematic. so not really spectaculair; i mean the sound can get spectaculair better from better parts, so i will change parts, but i'm always curious to see somebody coming up with a new "path".

This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.