changing voltage on Philips cd930 from 240v to 120v


2010-02-10 2:54 am
I have a Philips CD930 that I need to convert from 240v to 120v to use in the US. There are two jumper options, and on the PCB it shows one for 240v (which is what is connected now) and one for 220v. On the schematic it shows the 240v and then the other is shown as 220v/117v. The schematic and PCB indicate to use a 200mA fuse rather than the 100mA that's currently present. Can I just change the fuse and jumper or is there something else I'm missing? The 220 and 117 together is what's throwing me off. Thanks!


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2007-09-15 8:14 am
I can't see a 117 option on there.

Does "reality" compare with the manual. The fuse rating is correct in being doubled for 117v.

Very crude way of measuring is to measure the primary resistance when set for 240 and see if you can get it too read half that for 117.
There are three versions of this player in regards to the transformer:
- A 220 and 240VAC version.
- A 117VAC version.
- A 240, 220, 127 and 110VAC version which has an externally accessible voltage selector on the back.

Since you didn't mention the obvious voltage selector on the back, you must have the first type. You can't set this player to run on 120VAC directly, best to just run it using a step up transformer.