Change active speaker BOX (shape not volume).


Have any of you tried to change de size of an active speaker box (i.e. JBL LSR305 or ADAM T5V)??

These are generally too deep, and I want to use them as surround, within a "couch against wall" situation. I know I can move the couch a little bit forward (maybe 25-30cm), but still it won't be enough to have big BOX on the back, 60cm up and aimed towards MLP.

So... Why not make a new box, shallower and taller, with the same inner volume and use the same (plastic) baffle to mount the drivers, leaving the "added part below the woofer. It would even help to make a sturdier box and reduce resonances. I am not even eliminating the port, but it's an alternative, as I use these HP around 100Hz...

I would also move the amp to an external box...

What do you think? Doable? PRO? CONS?