Cerwin Vega Stealth SX440.4 Repair

Hey everyone,

I'm new to the forums here and have been browsing around a little bit.

I've been into car audio for a long time, but never really dealt much with amplifier repairs. I've only had one other amp fail, and at the time I just got rid of it.

Recently I had one of my CV SX440.4 amps fail. These amps are class D amps and operate at [email protected]

One day the amplifier simply quit putting out sound. The LED light was on and not in protect mode. Several months later I checked it again and it would blow the fuses immediately on connecting the power wires.

Since then I've taken the amp apart and started investigating it. I am starting to learn about amplifier repair and was wondering if you guys have any tips for Class D amps?

I've inspected the board and replaced some transistors that I thought might have been bad from my continuity checks and the board no longer blew the fuses immediately. However, no sound was being delivered through the board, just as before. While attempting to investigate while the board was hooked up to the power supply, 2 capacitors blew up. I'm going to replace these caps, but was wondering if anyone had any other suggestions. I've looked the board over top and bottom and don't see any evidence of visual distress (burning, ash, swollen caps, etc.).

Any help is greatly appreciated! I'll get some pictures if it will help. Thanks in advance!