Cerwin Vega Stealth 500.4

Hi everyone

I have a long time ago a stealth class d 4 channel amp. I bought all fault components and replace it. 4 irs2092, 8 irf540z and 4 irf3205.
The amp sounds great but one channel witout output. I cant found the real problem in the preamp area, i put the green wire for test. All 4 channel works great but the 10 ohm resistor inside the white circule gets veryyy hot, it smells a lot. So i test only for about 5 minutes and wait for cool down.

I cant find the diagram, the only thing i know about that resistor, is part of the 12 volt regulator. It conect one side to speakers ground, the other to a rs1m diode then to the input of the lm7812.

Anyone with a diagram or a idea of this??



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