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Cerwin Vega MV-15 window breakers

Accordian surround 15" cast woofer, 10" cast mid, dynamic compression horn tweeter. dual rear ports, 1/4" jacks, tweeter toggle attenuation, carrying handles, rubber feet, velcro grills, carpeted, metal corner protectors.

Matching serial numbers, all drivers in good working order, very minor scuffs and a couple screw holes where they were 'flown'.

These babies really crank. Unbelievably sensitive. Awesome party speaker or DJ work. Only 30" tall

$500.00 a pair. I have two pairs.

Local pick up or reasonable delivery charge (12 pack or 24) within the greater Vancouver area.

Reason for selling: Too many 15" woofers in my life and these go first because they aren't my own.


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