Cerwin Vega A-1800 Service Manual?


2008-01-19 5:11 am
Hi I am looking for a service manual or schematic for a Cerwin Vega A-1800. The amp powers up and is very distorted (really bad) and the right channel get verywarm with zero input on an 8 OHM load. I looked arround and found someone repaired it and mixed output transistors plus substituted either a 1 Ohm or a .1 ohm (think its this) one the transistor for the output drivers. Each channel has a different one and neither is OEM so i can't tell which is correct. Current source section (think that is what it is) also seem to have some non standard components but without a schematic I can't proceed to repair it.
Can anyone assist me and provide a service manual or a schematic?