Ceramic Pickup Preamp Schematic needed


2008-01-08 11:51 pm
If I remember correctly the output from these is so high that a preamp is not required. You should be careful before using it on any valuable vinyl as it may damage it. Inspect the stylus with a magnifier, test anyway on something unimportant.


You can easily construct an amp with a few dB of gain using an opamp, say an NE5532 (cheap).
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Ceramic pickups vary in output, generally the better quality have lower output. From memory the typical output is a few 100mV, so you probably need a gain of 10-20 to get your required 2V. However, some ceramics will generate volts, as wakibaki says, so you might just need a follower as a buffer. They need a high impedance input, say 1M. Too low an impedance loses bass, as the pickup looks like a capacitance in series with a voltage generator.

I would use a cheap JFET input opamp, such as TL071 or LF351 series, in the non-inverting configuration. This means that the 1M input would not create much offset, as it might with a bipolar input amp, because a JFET input has virtually no bias current. Adjust the feedback resistors to get the gain you need.
Preamplifier for ceramic pickup

Here good schematic for ceramic pickup.


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This is a better schematics which can be changed a gain with trimmer of 10k or (1....470k).
This schematic is for the stereo to mono use OA: NE5534, LF351, TL071, OP123, etc., while attention should be paid to the pins OA?
Input resistance changes with the input resistor connected to ground (1MOhm)
To enter this violin pickup resistor should be about 4,7 MOhm!
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