Centre Channel Design

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Most loudspeaker design programs dont designate center channel design. However, I would suggest using one of these programs to create an MTM design, which is the most common center channel design. How much are you looking to spend? If your other speakers are DIY, its not a bad idea to use the same drivers so the system is coherent.
this centre is the first of a complete system project and will form the basis of speakers to come, i am also in the middle of building a subwoofer using the adire shiva in a vented box application. I am looking to spend in total around $450 AUD including all woods, materials etc. I would prefer using vifa, scanspeak, focal drivers and tweeters due to there availability in Australia.
I have to say I am not convinced that MTM centre channels are the way to go, especially for a beginner. The effects that Greg are referring to are a feature of vertical MTM alignments (ie steering the vertical dispersion of the midrange) but no one has ever convinced me that a sideways MTM is a good idea. With a basic crossover and a simple cabinet the midrange peaks and nulls are very obvious to me on my couch as I move from left to right.

Griff, why not try a more conventional 2 way centre design? If you don't like the look of the speaker box laying on it's side you can always put a grill over it and pretend its an MTM :)

The advantages of this approach are:

1) You can more easily match the front soundstage by using the same drivers across the front and the same crossover/baffle dimensions

2) Impedance issues become simpler, no 3 Ohm centre channel loads to confuse your 5.1 amp

3) Level setting across the front is easier as sensitivity is identical

4) You don't have to worry about vertical mis-alignment by having vertical MTM's on the L/R and a horizontal MTM in the centre.

5) In a 2 way design the orientation of the tweeter relative to the woofer becomes *much* less important than in the MTM.


P.S. I can help you with Vifa, Peerless and Scan Speak drivers in Melbourne if you like as well as sub amps.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.