Celestion G-18C and Tannoy dual concentric 12 inch both 100 W! Should I get them ?


2003-10-20 1:34 pm
I have been offered some pa Speakers recently that were previously owned by a school, an 18 inch Celestion G18C driver in a guitar cab that apparently takes 100 W, should I use it for my main bass woofer in my room to go along with two floorstanders?
also tannoy-lynx wildcat dual concentric 12 inch 100 W 44l cab from the 1980s which is 44 L which is even more tempting, any idea what it's worth nowadays ?
also there's a pair of wem 4x12" that are worn to pieces, do you think these are worth getting hold of for any reason, with the drivers be any good?
the amplifier is just a basics 100 W per channel surround receiver, I hope it's good enough!