Celestion Ditton 15XR

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Hi i still have a pair of these which i have owned for many years. I read on here an thread some time ago from singlemania which talked about how he had replaced the ABR with a second pair of woofers with great results.

Does anyone know how to do this as i have another set of identical woofers but have no idea what needs to be done to get them to work with the crossover as i presume you cannot just connect the second st to the same connection ?

Many thanks

IIRC, the Celestion Ditton 15XR has a mere bass coil on the simplistic crossover.

Wire the basses in series after the coil. Now technically you ought to double the bass coil value, but in practice, it might sound OK. 16 ohms bass, of course, but all the power and authority from doubled drivers.

Maybe it won't go quite as low in bass performance, but nothing will break. Just my taste, but I'd shunt a 22R 10W or 7W wirewound across the tweeter and after the LC filter too. Usually sounds better. Amps like it.


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I thought that was a case i emailed wilmslow and they said you can just attach it to the same connection.

Thanks for the update.

If two drivers connected to the same connections they will be parallelled or have half the impedance of the original impedance of the crossover. Sensitivity will rise also 6dB. Thinking of the fact of neutralizing the ABR then, the BR system will change also alignments to a half volume sealed. I wonder for the after effects... Just plain stupid but can't hurt anything besides a lot of incoerences for the same speaker.
Don't know about the Ditton driver specs but I'd imagine a high Q system with a bass boom and a higher roll-off frequency.

And since we are not talking about brand new drivers but probably well used ones, I'd expect the weaker of the two woofers to run after the stiffer one. Transient response would probably suffer as well.

But it will sound different.
My flatmate had some Ditton 15XR's so I'm quite familiar with them. Not my cup of tea at all. A harsh sound with heavy bass.

The ABR idea is quite interesting, and works differently from most bass loading, to the extent I don't fully understand it. It's a bit of a brickwall bass filter AFAIK.

That simplistic filter is hardly the last word for 8" bass and tweeter either. Most of the rough sound must come from cone breakup from the bass and a casually designed top end.

But the double bass idea is certainly fun. Nothing will break from trying it. Series wiring rather than parallel, because there is no scope to increase tweeter output.

If it was my speaker, I'd do something like below and I reckon it would be rather good. But that's just me.


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