Celestion A3 tweeters


2008-02-19 12:43 am
Hi All,
I just joined and really need your help. I have a pair of A3's and 2 pairs of A1's.
I am using the A3's on my home souround as well as leastening to music and some times on parties too.
Using the wrong Amps - Marantz MA 700 - I am blowing tweeters in no time....those tweeters are now rear to find and very expensieve also. I am in the procees of replacing all of them now, on both the A3's and the A1's.
Any ideas on what could be the right candidate for that?
Thanks guys.
Hello Giorgio,
Did you ever solve your tweeter problem? I have the same difficulty.

Do you have a spare broken tweeter? With the magnet assembly and ring? If I had one of those I could try to make a new tweeter, but my old tweeters were removed and lost by the previous owner.

If you have a broken one please let me know. I would of course pay some money for it. If my method works it might be the answer for everyone.

Thanks John