CDX110 DJTECH Dual CD Player


2007-12-11 5:24 am
Hi! I'm a newbie in DIY Audio. I like this site. Anyway, I had a problem with my Dual CD Player CDX-110 from DJ TECH (I bought it 2nd hand, but still very new). I have not much information about the maker. But the construction inside seems similar to american dj/audio dcd player.

This unit has a intermitent problem, sometimes the sounds goes distorted and skip a little during long playtime. Worst is sometimes the cd suddenly stopped. It found this unit unrealiable.
There are many cases it is OK, but sometimes not.

At first, I opened it, try to check the power supply. I thought that the voltage supply is the problem because of distortion heard during long playback. I already replaced the filter caps & regulators but still same problem exist.

The laser pick-up (SONY KSS-213C) is still new & very clean. I never touch or adjust the laser pickup potentiometer yet.

Is somebody can help me about this problem?

Thanks in advance.


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