CdPro2 with tentlabs XO3


2008-01-28 5:30 am
I am a diy's newer.
I had buy the CDPro2 with XO3 whole set by
I followed the state by above www and step by step finished all seven jobs.

Now, I only can used the analogue by out from the drive.

I connect the OX3's White/Black wires (digital out) through to RCA for DAC external (included PCM63 with dir9001, PCM1794 with CS8412 ect.). But the unlocked signal or unstable signal are found in DAC.

The other question :
In about induct the XO3 that hooking up DA Converters with a 11.XXX clock to CD-PRO2 or CD-PROLF is not supported or or even technically simply possible.

Is it mean that the XO3 must connect to the external DAC with clock.
Or must connect to the external DAC with XO DAC.