cdplayer transformer faulty


2002-08-09 12:06 pm
hello ppl..pls help

my 5 years old sony cdplayer transformer got burn today..i been having problem in identifying the transformer has multiple (7)output far i manage to identify 4 only which is 10/0/10/0 the last luck..the last 3 is for the display unit..i will try to tell u how the pcb's goes..

1)T-->reversed diode-->neg cap(63v)-->Pin1(M5293)-->Pin3-->neg cap(50v)-->-32volt-->display.

2)T-->zener diode(reversed)-->T(1)=-32volt


can someone help me pls..thanks in advance..



2002-05-17 8:48 pm
A transformer is a bunch of wire wrapped around a steel core. The only thing that can go wrong with it is burning up (unless you somehow physically abuse it). The only thing that can make it burn up is to hit the input with too high voltage (like maybe lightning) or try to suck too much current out of it (like maybe a short on the load/circuit side).

If you simply replace the transformer, there is about a 99.999% chance that it will just burn up again.

You need to find the cause of the problem, correct it, then replace the transformer.

Most CD players aren't worth so much effort/expense.