CDP-222esD & TDA-1541

Recently I bought this player and I have seen that it has the TDA-1541 dac physically printed on the chip, but the scheme indicates that it is a TDA1541-N5, which confuses me.

I am sure that it is not a TDA 1541 because it incorporates in terminals 16 and 17 the 470pf capacitor of the TDA-1541A.

I have replaced it directly with a TDA-1541A, pin by pin.

The sound of the player with the original chip was quite loaded in bass, nice sound but with excessive (to my ears) bass. Now the sound has opened more, I like it more.

I want to go a little further, and add a second, or even a third TDA-1541A in parallel, pin by pin changing the capacitors from 100nf to 200 or even 300nf for three chips, leaving pins 16 and 17 charged with a 470 pf capacitor per chip.

Is it a good idea to improve the sound?