cDAC+ Launch Sale

In celebration of our first custom product, Audio Poutine is pleased to have a sale for the first 100 cDAC+ sold!

The first 100 cDAC+ sold will include:

- cDAC+ board
- Blue enclosure (1551KTB)
- AC Adapter
- 3ft. USB Cable with ferrite core
- Furutech RCA plugs

Shipping included!
$140 US / Canada
$150 International

Note: the enclosure is intended to be used as a cable DAC.


cDAC+ Specs:

- Tenor TE7022L UAC1 engine
- ESS Technology ES9023 24 bit DAC
- Analog Devices ADUM4160 usb digital isolator
- Board foot print is designed to fit in a Hammond 1551KTBU

Misc. Info:
Due to the size of the enclosure, RCA jacks can not be hard mounted to the enclosure. I envision the box to be built as part of a usb <-> rca cable, making this a true cable dac.


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