cd stuck in nakamichi cp-1


I'm new to this site, and normally would have introduced myself in the proper way, but I'm under a time constraint. I read other threads and I think my request is embarassingly amateurish...

I recently got a DVD stuck in my mother's Nakamichi CP-1 (combined CD and tape player). The unit is reading the DVD continuously and won't let it go--nor will it respond to any of its buttons. I am a TOTAL electronics novice, but am comfortable tinkering. I took the top off to investigate and realized that I can't remove the CD until the machine lets it go. I can't access the screws to lift the metal arm off the CD drive without taking the thing completely apart.

Is there a quick fix to this problem? An override possibility? I think this unit is so old that it doesn't know what to do with a DVD. My mother is annoyed and wants me to take it to a repair shop. Is there anything an amateur like me can do--or do I have to pay someone to fix it?

Thanks for your help.