Cd-rom , Like A Best Transport ???


2005-08-05 9:34 am
The idea is to find software player , which can read AUDIO CD on high-speed – to approximate error – to buffer data to hard disc or RAM( if RAM is more) and synchronous submit to DAC.
Must be something like ripping and playing in the same time.
Some can give a hint for such software player ?
Is there such plugins for winamp or foobar2000 and can they work together with ASIO or Karnel streaming ?
Windows Media Player:
If you select "Tools -> Options -> Devices" and select the properties of your CD drive, then you can select Analog or Digital for Playback.
Then, make sure you have 24 bit playback for digital devices in the "speaker" properties (If you want to)

away you go

I believe other players work in "ripping" mode also, unless you deliberately select not to.