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Hi everyone,I'm a newbie here and after some help/advice.
I have a Marantz CD52 MK2 CD Player,well I had until 2 days ago
Here's what happened,I inserted a disc that I had heard a lot before[deep purple perfect strangers] but this time My CD player didn't recognise it ? it just searches up and down between disc sizes with a little icon finds nothing and instead of a display telling me how many tracks etc.All I get is straight lines like this-_-_-- that sort of thing.
I have tried other discs and no joy,same thing.

It did this about 2 years ago and I sent it off to Marantz to fix it which they insisted on a £25 fee just to send it to them.So I did and it returned saying no fault could be found WHAT???

Well I started using it again as soon as I got home and it's been fine ever since until now.
What should I do I am very poor as I am a carer of my disabled wife and am forced to live on a very small income,hence I DIY.
I have googled for a solution but they are either too technical or too vague.

So I do have a little bit of savings and thought I might as well buy a new one.But correct me if I am wrong.Have they[manufacturers]
Stopped making CD Players ?

I can find very few CD Players that are hi-fi seperates,and that's what I want.I did find an article about the philips 723 player and it's mods and thought about buying one.

But they have stopped making them.I mailed Philips they told me they stopped in early 2004.And could only offer me a portable MP3 player or a very expensive CD Player.

So Is it all over for the CD player.Where am I supposed to buy one from if they have stopped making most of them.
I do have a DVD Player but the sound when I hooked it up was garbage.

I have a good PC too but I think it sounds like garbage too.

All I want is my Marantz fixed for a reasonable price or buy a new one for a reasonable price.I cannot believe that we are all supposed to use a DVD player for listening to CD's.
If that's the case I would rather listen to a Tape cassette than a DVD sound.Any suggestions ? what should I do ?
Hi deanbo,

It seems you have a "cold solder joint" or bad contact problem.
Have a look inside of your CD player and search for a membrane ribbon cable that connects CD mechanism / transport with the main PCB. Usually, over time, these contacts (and there's a few!! - anywhere between 16 up to 20, 25 or more…) become oxidised and they stop conducting. Pull (both ends) up just a bit, but not all the way, and then insert them back. Check for other connectors and wiggle them a bit – but not too much! If you are total novice to this, get someone from your neighbourhood to help!

If it ain’t broken – don’t fix it. Wait for the problem to come back before you touch anything inside

…and good luck

This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.