CD-player: peculiar problem with the laser mechanism...

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Day1: the player was stopping in between for couple of
seconds and then continued flawlessly...after an hour or
so it stopped completely saying `Error'. Thereafter it was
not accepting any disc saying `No Disc'.

Day2: I cleaned the tray, found some sand particle. It
started working again the evening same
problem as Day1.

Day3: Opened the top. Checked cables, reversed some
cable suspecting loose started working....

Day4: The two second gap problem again resurfaced. So,
greased the mechanism by silicon grease thinking it was
not sliding well. Left it to play for several hours. Problem
came back after about 4 hours and completely stopped
working (like Day1) for two days.

Yesterday: (Did not do anything) It started working again
but with the two second gap problem...

It is puzzling!:spin:

Came to know this problem is common with this brand
(Marantz) of cd-player. I played it for all total 69hrs since
its purchase. I would like to solve it instead of changing
the laser mechanism...

Inside view!

The inside view of the player.


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I received the laser mechanism today. Before the replacement I played it and
the same problem was there (two seconds pauses). So, replaced the mechanism with the new one, it says `No disc'. Then read in this forum that I have to remove some solder blob, so I checked and removed the blob. But the same `No disc', in fact the lens aparatus is not even sliding. Tried for a long time then frustrated, put back the older lens, `No disc' came as reply, now it is not even playing although it did an hour back before I removed it.

Some help please before I run to the service center, which I am very much not interested in doing.

I am talking to myself...sometimes that also helps! Finally the old mechanism
came alive with whatever problem it had ( two minutes pauses). But the new
one trying to read TOC, disc rotating, but finally giving error message. All the
cable connections seem OK.

This is the second time I got into trouble after purchasing part from India,
although it was a genuine Marantz service center...definitely this is the last


This is to caution you regarding the Marantz Service
center in Mumbai, MZ Audio distribution, Bandra. The
laser assembly they sold me is horribly bad. One motor is
dead and the laser circuitry is also wrong. Most likely
some used product was sold to me. Now they want me to
take the cd player to them so that they can check
themselves. I am afraid to do that suspecting they will
play some dirty trick with the existing good parts in my
player. Just wasted a non-trivial amount of money... I feel
like kicking myself to take this decision to try NOT TO
IMPORT the part directly from Marantz USA.

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