CD Player: DIY Foam Damped Spring Feet $8.00


2007-12-15 6:15 pm
My CD player is being relocated **very close** to a subwoofer so some thought to vibration control is needed. Came up with a cheap-easy solution others might find interesting.

Went to ACE hardware and bought four springs 3/4 diameter, 3/4 tall, .055 wire thickness, a set of four rubber 1-1/4 OD, 7/8 ID "tips" used for table legs and the like, and four 1" fender washers. Cost was less than $8.00

Cut the "tips" down to about 5/8 tall, inserted the springs and placed them under the player. Too springy. Found some open cell foam and using scissors cut round plugs to fit inside the springs. With a little trial and error the right size of plug was chosen and the foam provided enough friction to damp the springs a bit.

For installation I cut about 1/3 off the fender washers to form a clamp that holds the spring coil to the CD player chassis. Then used 6-32 screws through the original holes in the chassis to hold the washer and spring combination in position. Finally some silicone caulking was added to the bottom of the tips, installed the springs, and let dry overnight.

Seems to work.


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