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Cayin CDP22 sort of working

'Sort of working" means that it can play CD but if you touch it with static from your body, then it stops and sends out a hiss. On one hand, it is my favorite CDP with tube output no less. OTOH, maybe a tech should buy this and make it whole. wired for 220 Volts. $200... Was $1,700 new. Weighs 25 lbs. maybe more. You pay shipping.
>Lower price at this site than US Audio Mart<<<



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You know, given the situation, $100 is fair. I would just want someone to get some more mileage out of this great unit. Of course, as stated, you pay shipping. Where do you live? Address and all? phone number as well. Shipping these days is more involved than ever.
You know what? First one to pay gets it. People ask too many questions and miss out. The one who pays is the one who works out.

So, how can I help you? What price do you think is reasonable for this unit? I can pack and ship quickly, and still maintain quality for the trip to your residence.
At the moment, I am working with nightrider. Just to give an idea of shipping. He lives in OHIO, and the first estimate from UPS is $98.67 I must try a different form of shipping, but this gives an idea of how expensive a large and heavy box costs to ship. I may be able to get the box down a little, but this is where it is at right now.
Overseas shipping is likel;y out of the question.