Cassette deck operation/trouble shoot help. (Not totally dead!)

Hi, y'all from Northern California. Happy Unused Year to you all! Have really enjoyed snagging some music EYE like off the television cable. Note to FTC: only used in MY home.

It's an amazing Pioneer 603 or CTW603RS. Part of the 603/703/803 family which has a rotating head for auto reverse. Lotsa bells & whistles and they all work! Except for days starting with an S. Or so it seems. The play-only side doesn't always want to rewind. Have tried holding the button a few sec. Have tried pushing in the door tighter. Have cleaned it with denat alcohol. Have put a drop of silicone oil on all moving parts except the capstan shafts and the flip-over head. Other half of this deck and ALL my other ones don't do this. Suggestions? Thank you very much.


2010-05-02 10:00 pm
Not oil. Oil escapes to belts. Oil only on the capstan and motor shaft. Use molykote or similar stuff. Check the belts and the clutches. I have restored my ancient CT-606 last November. Check if there is a cam gear and if it is making all positions. A bit sanding or cleaning rubber idle gears also helps.
Thx for the suggestions. Not sure what part the cam gears play. You mean on the loading door? This unit ALWAYS fast forwards and uses a separate dedicated switch for that. One for forward, one for rewind. Tried no matter where sequence switch is set. But used deox on it anyway. Maybe will try deox on THAT ff/rw switch. This deck has a common quirk like most mechanical inventions: if a part isn't used often, it corrodes or otherwise gets tired of working. Thx.
Hi. You are all thanked. Never quite got Away from tape and cassette isn't so bad. A friend just bought recently manufactured TASCAM cassette deck with DVD.

Ok, Pioneer not rewinding. Amazing. Perfect fix by Deoxit! Tipped the deck up, dribbled a little spray in there, worked the switch a few times. All good!!! And the day doesn't even start with an S.

Am new here, so before switching to another thread, anybody have a lead on new TDK cassette tapes? Was getting them from a thrift store but the source dried up. Regular or hi bias. No metal, please.

And since you know your ways around tape decks, gotta mention this here because it's like I discovered fire and wanna share it with anyone (except my ex wife��)! Used V-CAM English headphone amp in the inputs to my best tape deck. Regular tapes sound like hi-bias! Amazing improvement in recorded (and playback) sound!!! Sources were: music from cable, a real CD player (not DVD), and another tape deck. Try it! Two words describe it: awe, some.