Carver Sunfire Amp

I can purchase a Sunfire series2 power amp.
The complete model name is: Sunfire Series II Architect's Choice Standard Version.

I've read Carver's white paper, but I would prefer to hear from the forum, specifically:
Is it completely honest, I mean does his description contain any marketing hype?
If it is sound engineering, how well was it implemented concerning build quality?
If anyone here has owned this unit, would you comment on the audio quality/performance and also the current outputs versus voltage?
The unit under consideration for purchase was made app. 1991, sealed from factory (NOS) until about 1 1/2 years ago when it was brought into use for home music system.
Thanks in advance
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No responses? I've owned several Sunfire pieces, and they all performed perfectly. Stupendous power, low heat, dead silent, black background.

The only concern I'd have with such an old model that sat for so long is forming the power capacitors properly. They will age with or without power applied,and it's possible for them to dry out in ,then if they aren't gently cycled into use you can ruin them. Replacement can be made by Rita's Vintage Audio in Washington State or Rolland at Hi-Tech Audio in Oregon. I can provide contact information if you need.