Carver pm1.5,1.5a,1200 differences

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Question for the knowledgeable out there.
What are the differences between the Carver pm1.5, pm1.5a, and finally the 1200?
The reason I ask is that I have a full service manual for the 1200/1.5a, but I need to go through my two pm1.5s. My thinking is that the three are all very similar, but I do not want to get into trouble attempting to adjust the 1.5 to the specs of the other two w/o word from someone who knows. (and preferably can document it;) )
While I am it, has any one else used 12-24vdc 3.125" square muffin fans as a replacement for the factory ones?
thank you all, Noel
Well, good day all.
I have found the answer to my question. I now possess an original manual for the PM 1.5 series, which includes the different voltage setup (europe and US), modifications that were done while the unit was still being serviced by the now defunct CARVER CORP, differences between the PM1.5L, and the monoblock. Based on what I see, both the 1200 manual and the PM1.5 manual are neccessary, since the documentation is MUCH MORE THOROUGH in the 1.5's manual. :D
Carver PM 1.5 differences

Your Carver PM 1.5 inquires have been informative. I have several PM 1.5s and PM1200s. I have an early PM1.5 that has sensitivity input of 3.0mv (below serial number 10791) compared to the later production of 1.5mv (after serial number 10791). This information is found in the PM1.5 service manual under the specs. If possible, I would like to change the early PM1.5 to the later 1.5mv input. From what I can gather the information is in the Carver PM 1.5 service bulletin-1 (number one). I can find this bulletin nowhere. I'm writing to see if your information may contain this PM1.5 #1 bulletin. By the way, I'm also in East TN. in the Tri-cities area. Thanks.

*just for info*
The PM1.5A is basically a PM1.5 with the 'main' output devices doubled up on an awkard extra heat sink assembly.
searching around this board describes how carvers don't like full-power mid range upwards as this leaves the main o/p devs latched onto the high-voltage rail (i'm paraphrasing)... the modification was requested by clair brothers for their bi-amp monitor systems.
I'm guessing the PM1200 is just a re-working of the product range, i have a PM900 here and it seems pretty much the same except its no-longer back-to-front cooled :-(
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