Carver M1.5t Output Devices...


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2005-01-09 2:32 am
Hey all, I have a Carver M1.5T that blows fuses, and appears to have two output devices (Q1, Q2) on same board with shorts...

Weird thing is I downloaded the schematic and it says Q1,Q2, Q4, is MJ15023 and Q6, Q7, Q9 are MJ15024.

Board is 20032-3

But mine is Q1, Q2, Q4 is Motorola C10000, and Q6, Q7, Q9 is Motorola C11000...

Any ideas? Can I just replace the two bad Q1/ Q2 with MJ15023 and be OK, or should I stay with Motorola C10000? Saw one guy on ebay with C10000, but can't seem to find any info on them at all... any advice??
Are you sure those are not just Carver part numbers on the transistors? C as in Carver makes me think so. I have never seen Moto C10000 or 11000 as a part. A lot of companies buy their parts marked with house numbers instead of genertic type numbers.

If it were mine, I'd be sticking the MJ types in there.