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Carver C-9 w/upgrades

For quite some time now, I have been rebuilding Carver C-9 units. Just like to do it I guess. When I get one in, I replace all 10 electrolytic capacitors, almost always install a larger transformer, replace RCA jacks, and a few other things. I am not going to claim 'an amazing difference in performance' since I believe that the unit is already more than respectable in this area. My intent is to make sure that the unit will have no trouble for next many years.
In this case, I have a C-9 in not perfect shape, but not too ugly either. Typically my units sell for around $200, but in this case, $150. Pretty easy choice in a world that likes to charge hundreds of dollars for a length of cable. in this case, you won't have to wonder if it makes a difference, it is just that obvious.
For more information, see my featured ad at US Audio Mart. Thanks.



The rebuild process involves the replacement of all electrolytic capacitors, the power transformer, all 4 RCA jacks, and possibly 2 of the integrated circuits. I have also add a detachable cord, soft silicone feet, and some damping material in a rebuilt unit. Let me know if I can help you further.
I see that all is original and never been touched. Of particular notice to me is the right most RCA jack shown in the photo. I would bet money that is has been pulled partially from the board, very likely causing the hum that you are reporting. Does it seem to be loose or move even slightly when pressure is applied?
Well, you probably don't have enough posts to do that there. That's fine, as long as we have communication in just one place. To repair would be an obvious opportunity to rebuild. When I rebuild a unit, there is a lot that I do, including replacing the power transformer with a larger unit, replacing all of the RCA jacks with much sturdier RCA jacks, replacing all 10 of the electrolytic capacitors, and some of the resistors. That is pretty much only approaching of what is done to the unit, but it gives you an idea of the distance that I go during a rebuild. The cost varies a bit depending on what is found to be faulty with the circuit itself, but I doubt that total cost will exceed $130. All shipping is on you.
PM me directly so we can talk about specifics of shipping, addresses and so forth.