Carver Amazing Woofers


2006-02-16 10:49 am
I'm thinking of trying a pair of these Fostex FF85K's I have on an OB with 2 to 4 of these 12" carver amazing woofers, bi-amped with miniDSP (at least to begin with). However, before proceeding, I'd like to model and compare the higher sensitivity paper cone version to the much lower sensitivity aluminum honeycomb version in XLBaffle.xls. Does anyone have T/S parameters for the paper version?

It's my understanding that the paper cone version is actually a newer revision than the aluminum version, which was the original. Is this correct?

Honeycomb: 12" Carver Amazing Loudspeaker Honeycomb Woofer Driver
Paper: 12" Carver Amazing Loudspeaker Paper Cone Woofer Driver


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2006-02-16 10:49 am
I suppose MJK and I are thinking similarly on this one. Not surprising, given the unique qualities of those woofers, and the 3" as well..

He mentions parameters remaining unchanged for the new paper woofers, but I assumed they were different, given the vastly different sensitivities listed. I'm still a bit uncertain tbh.

Thanks for the info though.