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What are the consequences of a bad cartridge alignment on sound or on record wear.

By the way, I finally changed my old Philips 401 cartridge on my 312 turntable and installed (with much difficulty) a new Grado black, and the change is really good. The sound is more detailled and Real.



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AndrewT said:
Misalignment should not damage the groove but can be corrected by re-aligning.
End of side distortion is a form of misalignment.

IME misalignment will damage the groove after repeated plays. You run into this eventually if you buy second-hand records. On some used records the inner groove distortion is permanent and audible, even with a correctly aligned system.

A friend of mine had a very expensive Ortofon cartridge with a bent cantilever. Pretty soon the replacement cantilever was also bent, I checked his setup. He was setting the overhang by ear (i.e. without a gauge). I'm convinced that misalignment is what bent the cantilevers.