car subs in my room...


2010-09-04 6:45 am
hey guys i recently bought myself a sub off ebay (12" titan 1500w in box)
and i wanted to hook it up in my room, but im not 100% sure on how to do it.
im getting an amp, head unit and the rest of it, but im not sure on how to connect it all to my wall. i understand it aint all simple but i need a 240v AC to 12v DC converter so i can connect it all to my wall, but i dont know where to get them i have tried ebay.. nothing, tried autObarn ...they had one left but it wasnt the right one and im yet to try super cheap auto but the other problem is i need to get all the wires etc. my other main problem is im 14 and i barely know anything about electricity, however i am very crafty and im sure ill find a way, but anyway i need your help guys so if you have any tips, solutions, advice or help etc, well then post it.

Without any information to go on, I would assume that the built-in amplifier is AT MAXIMUM 1500W PMPO (Peak Music Power Output). This possibly equates to 13.8V at 50Amps. It is unrealistic to purchase a 240V Mains Power Supply that will provide this current.

You will need to consider using the SUB as a Passive Sub-Woofer.

Simply disconnect the two wires to the speaker and run two wires from the speaker to another amplifier.

This amplifier does not need to be anything special and certainly does not need to be the same as the rest of your Hi-Fi.

Hi-Fi purists will strongly disagree here but you are not after Hi-End Hi-Fi.

You should also consider a LOW-PASS FILTER in line with the Sub-Woofer to stop it trying to reproduce high frequency sound, this would only add to the distortion from the speaker.