Car subamp 50W on 12v

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I want to make one 50w car subamp working on 14.4 v. I am thinking to bridge TDA 8560. Comments from group members is most welcome.


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if u want to build a SUB amp forget the TDA8560
50W for SUB??? is to low!!
in the tda8560 the full power is 40W is not good for sub an in full vol u dont hear good the sound...
if u want to us in TDA soo
us in TDA7560...

TDA8560 = 55W MAX 30%-THD
TDA7560 = 55W MAX 10%-THD (in 2 ohm 80W)

and for subwoofer for car u need min 100W...
u need to build 100W amp and us or build upper power supply..
for, 13.5V to 30V +

all the TDA's
The TDA8560Q specs : It gives 28W/2ohms with 0.5% THD per channel(Stereo). Hence i thought after bridging we must get 50W/4ohms with 2% THD for mono. The car i want to install subwoofer is very small. Hence thinking of using this. Suggestions & comments welcome.
Let us assume that you have adjusted the voltage regulator in your car up to 14.4V (mine is 13.8V). And that you are running a bridge amp that is a rail to rail design and only drops 0.7V at full output across each output device. The most you can swing into the load then is 13.0V peak, 9.191V RMS, which is 21.12W at 4R. The TDA1562 from what I can see will do 70W at 10% THD.
Good. But i am going to use it now with 2ohm each dual voice coil speaker so that i need worry about the output. I have got in touch with one speaker manufacturer and requested to do the job for me. He told me that he will do it for me. I think now it will be possible to get 50w easily. Any suggestions in the matter are most welcome.
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Okay, I see what you mean, 2 ohms load by a pair of 4's in series is one ohm to each amp in the bridged circuit, although, he said they were designed for 2 ohm service, don't you think the chip will be a bit overloaded?

EDIT: Oops, I just noticed your other idea for a circuit, I rest my case as your idea with the TIP transistors would work fine as far as I can tell.
"thus getting some REAL power for the sub, i heard some 70w subs and i can decide if i was listening to bass or thumping distortion, even at low levels." Garbage in, garbage out. What you are telling us is you used very low quality equipment. What else is new? The proposed circuit will deliver 70W of high quality power from about USD$10 worth of semiconductors. And you can build it in an afternoon.
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