Car FM/AM tuner with cd player in home use, simple receiver system

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Hello everyone...

I had tiny build idea in mind, i have old JVC car radio laying around and its "fully" working, only 1 channel of the 4 channel amplifier is somehow shorted and it heats up pretty damn fast...

I was thinking of removing the amp chip and build nice enclosure for the PCB's
And the output stage would be LM3886 or the 2in1 4780 , both sound wonderful.

The front panel has several switches with display driver, it has pretty large single color LCD, then one thing came in mind, the front panel...

It has few functions for 2 other devices with low output like 2 switchable inputs.
So i could hook it up to my TV and PC.

Anyway the radio sounds super clear compared to my RX-4209 receiver.
Plays CDs fine, sounds great with better output stage.

Maybe even digital inputs and DAC for better sound...
The remote will be done by 7,2v LiOn battery from old screwdriver, should keep the memory.

What do you think about this wierd idea?:eek:
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there is nothing qierd about it.
an ATX psu can supply the power for it.
You should repair its own amplifier, it will be more than sufficient for a livingroom given 4 ohm rated speakers as load.
You may wish to hack the pc psu to obtain 13.2 volts insted of the stock 12 volt , but it should not be needed.
i dont think i want to use atx psu and the low voltage amplifier that puts out max of 10W PMPO...
It has terrible amplifier, i have 8R floorstanders that want at least 2W of pure power to make some hearable sound.
I will probably use +-28V from dual 20V, single ~10V 250VA toroid transformer.
I can get higher voltage anytime whenever i rewind the transformer.
I will probably build 12" subwoofer enclosure and plateamp too by myself maybe with some 89 series of TDA class D chipamps maybe 8950 who knows..

ATX psu puts out too much heat, even when idle and its waste of time adding better cooling, i hate fans.

Passive monster cooling all the way.

I only wanted the FM block, its super well shielded and i just love the stereo sound of it, but need to hook it up to TV and PC to watch movies and such.
I also play many games, maybe I'll need surround decoder and 5 channels...

It might turn into lack of problems and become expensive, who knows...:)
The idea so far seems to work out well...

Nothing fancy, front panel will be made out of veneer 6mm thick,
Painted dark case itself plain glossy black even from inside it will not be 2.1

I dont need subwoofer anyway.

Amplifier from ebay... that 50$ kit with LM4780 seems nice, power rails are not shown so who knows...

Little pic of what i have done so far:

photo sharing websites
300VA may be, if class D subwoofer amp is driven by single transformer...

I tought 250VA is even overkill to 120W amp, i mean the power rails on PCB they might be thin but who knows....

which one should i choose my opinion would be the first one second seems nice too


This one seems epic but...
All from ebay
Today i painted the amp case

Removed smd sockets from the CD player part and soldered pair or 9x2 sets of wires to it
Now all is working, the front panel is not done yet many aluminium parts have to get cut and sanded/painted.

Lots of metalwork is ahead and needs to be done, working on it and taking pictures..

Will upload large series of pics soon as i get new standard USB cable as the old one is gone somehow... sorry about that :)
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