car chip amp

i plan on building a simple car chip amp ...

i know there are two popular chips of them the TDA1554Q and another one the LM chip...

i wanted to ask which chip is better to use for a car amp ?
how much power can i get out of these chips...reading the pdf application of each chip there is an amplifier circuit which shows how to make a 22W amp using the chip and a few external components..

can i bridge say two 22W amps for one 44W amp...then make two boards of this to get an amp for two speakers 44w each output?

i know i sound like a noob...but thats what i am right now :eek:

any help appreciated.



2004-01-11 12:21 pm

The TDA1554Q is 22 watts when bridged, so maby you could bridge-parallel the 4 11 watt amps that are in the TDA1554Q.
About the LM chip.. do you know the full number?
cause that will help..
hope I helped! :D


im 14 years old and live in R'aanana..
how old are you? were do u live?