Car Audio "Where do you buy yours?"

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I don't strictly use one (pros and cons to each) but I personally prefer eBay.

I have used eBay quite a lot for both myself and customers but I am no longer dealing with individuals below about 50 feedback (with exceptions) when it comes to buying car audio items. Power sellers constantly impress me, while individuals seem to constantly dissappoint me pretty much.

If I use eBay for electronics usually it's from power sellers/reputable eBay stores.

I constantly have problems finding retail stores that actually have items in stock or that are not selling damaged returns on the shelf. I don't know how retail stores can even stay in business now due to horrible customer services, excellent competition via eBay/internet, and failure to actually KEEP ITEMS IN STOCK!

If it's for someone else, and/or on short notice, I've bought average (but good) sat. radios & stereos from Circuit City because I can check what's ACTUALLY IN STOCK from the web page.

I've used Craigslist for other items...and sold car a car amp or two on there...but can't figure out why so many people seem to think they can get top dollar for stuff you can find on eBay cheaper!

But at least using Craigslist you don't have to worry about getting screwed by PayPal.

I will say this: had nothing but problems from "repaired" or "refurbished" amps from eBay sellers! (MTX, Lighting Audio, more..) So watch out!
I would also say eBay is the place of choice for the vast majority. You really do need to have pretty good judgement of character skills dealing with so many different characters.

Over my 4 year span of dealing priviately online I have made several friends and probally have met as many people that I would like to have there finger nails pulled out one by one.

This is just the way it goes.

eBay name Germany: sabine-paul (350)

eBay name US: mr.old_school (24)
I have had reasonably good luck on ebay. You have to know what you are buying and ask, ask, ask if you have any questions about anything. I have been burned a couple of times by "handling" charges. I now ask many questions to insure I don't pay $18 for an actual $3 shipping charge, which actually happened to me.

Same holds true with buying from Craigslist or similar places. There are many, many people out to swindle others. In fact, I think it is safe to say that some people will do anything to make a buck, or steal a buck.

I think a person is far ahead to buy a reasonably decent piece of old school gear and have it revamped if needed, rather than buy some of the disposable equipment that is being made today. But one of the great things about all this is we can all do what we want. To each, his own.
(Mr. Old School...sure! We'll do business on eBay or something sometime. :) )

I'm not sure yet how I feel about eBay inserting "***" into current bidder's IDs. But I'm sure that is due to the onslaught of people attempting transactions outside of eBay (which I am understanding the majority were scammers/Western Union scam, etc.)

Yeah, like you said, you just understand that it is almost inevitable getting burned buying car stereo equipment on eBay & Craigslist. But the idea, I finally learned is to reduce the probability by asking, asking, asking, and dealing only with decent sellers/buyers.

Also NEVER accept a personal check or money order without ensuring it clears the bank first!!

When I buy car stereo items anywhere online I usually won't waste my time with sellers/buyers who act like they're doing me a favor.

Here are some other things I've run across on eBay/internet for car stereo & electronics that are big red flags:

-Won't provide ACTUAL photo of item

-"I have no way to test it" when an amplifier only needs +12V, GND and an audio source. Bogus!

-Seller won't answer my question critical to me buying the item (does it have a TOSLINK connector on back? Can you just look and tell me please?)

-"Fully refurbished & tested" so far has gotten me NOTHING but headaches with bad equipment in my customers vehicles (when not refurbished by OEM company)

-"Burr-Brown converters have been upgraded" or "board has been upgraded" with no proof or can't even name the ICs put inside. Booh!

-Conveniently leaving off the fact that it's got harnesses/wiring but they're not the originals and wires/pins are missing/incorrect

-"Probably just needs a $25 part to be fixed" when it's probably a throw-away PCB inside. :/

Installation accessories:
-Item shown is supposed to be the equivalent "updated" adapter but is just a relabeled unit by company X. Then when you call when it won't work, you realize you got burned.

Or one of my favorites (I truly hate):

-Speaker/power/accessory wire has oversized insulation to make it look large, and when you first strip the wire to use it, you see the wire gauge you actually got does not match the label / seller's description (undersized)

In that case the seller claimed "there is no standard wire size" .... WTF? :whazzat:
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