Car audio speakers reference 2019

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Good day

I have a plan to upgrade my current setup from :
Tweeter : scanspeak R3004 - long butt
Midbass : scanspeak 15w
Sub : id max
Powered with : R. Fosgate 500w and zapco
Hu : kenwood ddx 9017
Proc : helix

With some of new speakers in the market right now i would like to upgrade my setup, especially for
a) tweeter ( small size preferably )
b) midbass ( 5 inch preferably )
c) sub ( 10 inch preferably )

My objective are to get more clarity and detail sound from my current setup

note .
Budget to upgrade is bellow 1.5k

Any of you gents can make any suggestion would be appreciated

If you don`t have clarity from this setup you either:

- have not tuned it properly (that mostly includes the DSP)
- have not sound deadened the car enough

Try some hard cones, but it will just be a different sound with its own disadvantages. The sub I would definitely change to a:

- Peerless XLS if you want power with better performance
- A standard woofer if you want more definition and would use it sealed with a little boost from below (car interior would help it anyways)

Front unit - if it has to be a DVD, then I suspect you won`t get much, if not - old Pioneer RS, Nakamichi and some Japan targeted Sony`s are a good starting point. If you`re amps are the Studio Reference - they`re awesome units :)
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Thanks for your advice but i’ve done sound deadened For all the doors and panels and tuned the proc which i Have lots Of presets on it but somehow im not satisfy

I’ve read some articles about focal utopia be w-rc 165 and this thing got alot good reputation , should i go for focal or any other suggestion in order to get more clarity and detail sound

Thanks and Cheers
Hi paullys55

My vehicle is honda crv

My setup is 2 ways system , midbass at kick panel and tweeter in Top of dashboard vehicle and pointed on axis to driver position

All tweaks For frequency and time alignment in my proc has been done Properly but somehow im not satisfied with the sound quality

Im comparing the sound quality Between my car audio and my home setup ( In this case i use elac unify ub5 For my home setup ) and there’s a big difference in term of clarity and sound detail

i’ve read some articles about new product speakers line up from Some of well known manufacturer that the new Product line up this year has some big improvement in term of producing the sound

I would like to know if theres any suggestion for a good speakers reference which can improve from my current setup

Any suggestion would be appreciated

I have some doubt about new products line has some big improvement of sound.
The speaker's technologies are the same of thirty or fifty years ago, nothing is changed.
For example about sound quality i prefere the old speakers series.
I'm agree with the other guys, you have quality parts already and i think there are clarity reproduction also.
Zapco old school typically offer clarity sound.
I don't know Kenwood HU.
Hi Ninjaaddict,
The speakers you have are already very high-end and have amazing clarity. Speakers are just one part of the Audio chain and switching to the Utopia or even Ultima line really just gives you a different sonic signature. A proper enclosure lets the drivers play cleanly (that's so evident in a home speaker why wouldn't it be the same in your car?)

Few things I would consider:

-did you try comparing the Kenwood analog outs to using your DSP DAC as the source? (may not be an option or require some adapters)
-have you tried different speaker placements and aiming? tweets generally sound more coherent placed next to the mids (in your case in the kicks) but as is can still work with tuning the dsp to match time alignment and crossover (don't let the tweets play to low, 1k is ok but I prefer 2k xo point.)
-are the speakers enclosures well braced and isolated?
-do you have different equipment you already like very well that you can test swapping in (like source, dsp, amp? even if they are home 120v units just hear how the sound changes.)
-Have you listened to your entire setup in the home instead of car? (takes some work removing it all from the car, powering from a clean 12v power supply, use temporary/makeshift speaker enclosures for home.) For me doing this really brings to light how deficient the sound is and makes it easier to analyze/substitute parts/improve your setup.
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