Car Audio Help

Hello, New member here looking for help and advise...

To start off I have got THIS H/U ( in my Clio, I have got it hooked up to 2 pair of THESE SPEAKERS ( (2 in front doors, and 2 in back door cards)

I get in my car, put a CD on, and pump out the tunes. All sound great for a little while, then all of a sudden the quality of sound is proper pants. It sounds all distorted, and fuzzy. Have no idea why it does this, but the only things I can think of are -

  • The H/U is too powerful for the speakers,
    The wiring for the speakers is cheapo, OR
    The speakers are [email protected]

I really want to get this sorted if possible, as I am hopefully going to be getting a nice sub & amp package fitted within the next couple of weeks.

Suggestions, or help please?

Ta very much,

If, after being switched off for a few minutes, it sounds normal again and
If it only does this after being played hard or
If the speakers are low impedance and/or low efficiency

Then your amplifiers in the radio may be going into a protection mode that sounds bad but prevents explosions.